No banner ads for foursquare

To say that I am an avid fan of revenue is an understatement. I challenge many companies, big and small, in mobile or out of the industry, as to how and when they will turn what they are doing into cold hard cash. I’ve also been very critical of “build it and they will come” revenue models – the kind that wait for many many users in order to test revenue ideas.

Match this desire for revenue with a true hatred of the “banner ad” reliance and, well, in mobile today you are mostly screwed. Even Facebook has decided to opt in to the most offensive form of monetization. This is why I was so impressed with Holger Luedorf and their philosophy on the banner ad as detailed in this quick clip. I have my apprehensions on how foursquare will turn on revenue but the fact they are NEVER going to put banner ads in their software makes me like these guys even more.

It doesn’t answer the question of how and when they will make money but at least they aren’t shorting themselves.

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  • I’ll drop my other apps in the bin faster than last week’s empties when this comes out.

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