Monday Mobile Pint – new iPad sells out, Instagram hits 27M and more SXSW news


The top mobile stories from the past 24 hours, good to the last drop.

Instagram Reaches 27 Million Registered Users And Says Its Android App Is Nearly Here (via TechCrunch)
Co-founder Kevin Systrom didn’t disclose daily active users, but he did say of all the users who have been active in the last week, 67 percent of them used the app yesterday.

Apple says new iPad demand is ‘off the charts’ as pre-orders sell out (via BGR)
Looks like people weren’t confused by the lack of a number in the name.

Social Discovery Apps Like Highlight Are A Recruiter’s Wet Dream At SXSW (via TechCrunch)
Because the very interesting aspect of these new apps is this: They are usually set to expose your profile in public as a default. Few people are enabling “friends of friends” only on the privacy settings, and perhaps there are plenty of people at SXSW who feel relaxed about discovering new people anyway. Is this an opportunity to monetize?

T-Mobile CMO says smartphone subsidies need to go (via BGR)
Speaking at GeekWire’s technology summit in Seattle, T-Mobile’s chief marketing officer Cole Brodman voice some strong opinions regarding carrier subsidies, claiming they are hurting the mobile industry. Our own Jennifer Daly would likely agree.

Nokia Exits Mobile Payments Business With Shuttering Of Nokia Money (via TechCrunch)
Nokia is announcing today it plans to shut down its mobile payments service known as Nokia Money in India, as a part of a shift in strategy that will allow the company to more narrowly focus on its handset business and related location-based services offerings. The company also announced earlier this month it was closing up its Ovi Share service, a web service where Nokia hosted users’ content online.

Smartphone owners turn to retail mobile websites over mobile apps (via GigaOM)
Based on metering of 5,000 smartphone phones, five of the top retailers – Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, Target and Walmart (wmt) — found that smartphone users during the holidays preferred their mobile retail sites 51 percent to 28 percent for native apps, according to Nielsen.

Geoloqi, Solver of the Great Location Problem, Partners Up (via PandoDaily)
The company launched just months ago with its location-based services developer platform, and already Case has been bombarded with inbound calls from investors, partners and potential clients. It’s not a Foursquare competitor as some have suggested, it’s a tool for any app developer that wants to include location as a feature.

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