Mobile Wednesday Pint – the new iPad, Google Play is the new Android Market + iWallet emerges


The top mobile stories from the past 24 hours, good to the last drop.

‘New iPad’ key details: 4G LTE, Retina Display, March 16th release
We’ll certainly be taking a more in-depth look at the newly announced iPad in the weeks to come, but here’s a question: are the specs enough to make you replace your iPad or iPad 2 immediately?

Apple ditches Google Maps display tiles in iPhoto for iOS (via The Verge)
Bringing up the location feature in the app calls up tiles that bear little resemblance to the Google service used in the rest of iOS and in iPhoto for OS X. Writer Holger Eilhard was able to discover that the tiles are in fact being pulled from Apple directly, from a server named

Google Play is the new Android Market (via GigaOM)
The hope is to remind Android users that it offers content while also trying to make it easier to buy content from Google over the Web.

Apple awarded major ‘iWallet’ patent for future NFC-enabled iPhone (via BGR)
The technology, which is supported by 23 Patent Claims, allows credit card companies to send statements directly to a user’s iTunes account for purchases made using an NFC-enabled iPhone. Account holders will also be able to allow a secondary account holder, such as a child, to make purchases on the same card while allowing the primary account holder to control spending and implement various limits.

Mobile Games Account for 52% of App Sessions so far in 2012 (via ReadWriteWeb)
Flurry sampled the data from 64 billion app sessions over 500 million devices. Game sessions are up 20.5 times over the same time period in 2010 and 15.2 times from this time last year.

AppMobi Accelerates Android HTML5 Performance With new directCanvas SDK (via ReadWriteWeb)
A lot has been made over the last couple of days of how Android renders HTML5 a lot slower than iOS. This comes as a revelation to absolutely no one. HTML5 development studio appMobi thinks it has a fix. At the Game Developers Conference today appMobi announced the availability of its directCanvas SDK for Android that promises refresh rates up to 10 times faster.

Moolah Media Announces Mobile Display Network To Take On “Blind” Competitors (via TechCrunch)
Moolah has said it’s bringing in advertisers whose needs aren’t being addressed by most other mobile networks. Instead of paying publishers by the impression or click, Moolah charges based on the metrics that matter to direct-response marketers, such as form submissions and phone calls.

Which Verizon devices get Android 4.0? The LTE ones (via GigaOM)
Verizon looks to punish users not on the devices that will drive the most data revenue.

What’s in a name: Why the new iPad isn’t called iPad 3 (via GigaOM)
Apple is acknowledging that we have arrived in a post-PC world, where iPads aren’t just niche products for gadget lovers with an eye for specs and revision numbers. Instead, they’re among the best-selling computing devices, something that everyone uses to explore the Internet, do commerce and consume media.

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