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  • Maybe this was covered in the full panel (which I didn’t get to see cuz you’re hiding it ;)) but it’s more than fear and confidence keeping these folks from integrating mobile. 

    Granted that is definitely a huge part but in a lot of cases its more along the lines of the first speaker stating that it’s that they are not educated on what is possible because they are too glued to their business. 

    When it’s a team of less than ten people everyone is wearing multiple hats. The owner is delegating everything they can and they still don’t have enough time (or resources) to go learn the latest way to connect with customers and the thought of adding ONE more thing is too overwhelming that they either ignore it or push it away with all costs. 

    I’m trying to address this with Mobile Mixed as we’ve discussed Rob and I know you probably agree. I was super stoked to see this topic in the panel and really wished I could have been there. 7 weddings down this year but I’ll be at the next one for sure. Let me moderate one too! 😉

    Talk soon my man and keep up the awesome work. 

  • Spot on @gjhickman:disqus – the mindset of the small business owner, especially small retailers, is “how do I survive” not “how do I bring mobile into my business” but that has to change. Mobile could be that differentiator, the change-maker, the profit centre, if they start looking at it earnestly. A single direction is what is needed – a first simple step that can make an impact.

    7 weddings = a great year! I’ll get you on stage at the next one.

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