Mobile Second Cup, MWC Edition: Facebook mobile billing, Android 5.0 in Fall + the 41 megapixel camera


The first half of a two-part post today covering the top mobile news from MWC in Barcelona.

Facebook Mobile Operator Billing Opens App Economy To The Credit Card-less (via TechCrunch)
Facebook seems to be hearing our pleas on a way to monetize mobile other than through ads.

Forget About Android 4.0! Google Exec Hints Android 5.0 Will Launch In Fall Of 2012 (via TechCrunch)
Perhaps it won’t lead to excessive fragmentation, considering that only 1% of Android smartphones are currently running ICS. Yeah.

What’s hot at Mobile World Congress? Services. (via GigaOM)
So, gear makers are finding their margins under attack, operators are dealing with the same pressures as well as trying to invest in a new type of flexible and scalable network architecture cost less to operate and buy. Services may be the best way to solve these problems for both gear makers and two news items from MWC show AT&T and Ericsson are willing to try.

AT&T’s mad, mad plan to charge wireless app developers (via GigaOM)
And on the other hand, AT&T’s absolutely terrible attempt to avoid becoming a marginalized dumb pipe.

Visa announces new mobile payment solution (via BGR)
Visa on Monday announced a “one-stop” mobile payment solution that looks to compete directly with Google Wallet and the carrier-backed ISIS payment system. After a consumer purchases a “Visa-certified” NFC-equipped smartphone, he or she can contact the company and activate the handset for mobile payments.

Why You Can’t Dismiss Nokia’s 41-Megapixel Phone (via TechCrunch)
First, the 41 megapixel figure is really misrepresentative, not to say untrue. It doesn’t take 41-megapixel photos in any way, shape, or form. It means Nokia is being smart about the way cameras at this size actually work.

Xobni raises $10M ahead of mystery product launch (via GigaOM)
UNTETHER sponsor Xobni has signed a commercial agreement, and as part of that agreement, has received investment from the partnering company. Check out our recent interview with their VP of Product Development.

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