Mobile Morning Coffee – Kindle Fire 1/3 of tablet traffic, gamification SDKs + funding apps, not companies


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Jumptap: Kindle Fire now grabs 1/3 of tablet traffic (via GigaOM)
The ad network also found that Android and iOS represent 91 percent of the mobile OS market, with Android enjoying 58.8 percent of mobile market share while iOS follows with 32.2 percent.

HTML5 Game Performance: iOS Performs 3x Faster Than Android; iPad 2 Top Device (via TechCrunch)
Spaceport found that iOS devices like the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2 scored very high, handling over 200 moving objects and over 300 moving objects, respectively. And to that point, the iPad 2 ranked as the top device for HTML5 games and apps performance, beating out all Android devices across the board.

The Potential of Turning Mobile Money Into Mobile Apps (via ReadWriteWeb)
While it might be surprising to some, there are many things that we can learn from Boston-based startup SCVNGR. More appropriately, from its mobile payments business LevelUp. The company is rethinking the nature of transactions from the ground up with one distinct principle: transactions are data.

Badgeville mobilizes gamification with mobile SDK (via GigaOM)
Badgeville is releasing a mobile SDK that lets iOS and Android developers build in Badgeville’s features into their native smartphone and tablet apps. CEO Kris Duggan said it’s the first mobile gamification SDK available and helps continue the momentum behind gamification as it gains more acceptance among companies such as Deloitte, IBM, Kaiser and others.

Why apps needs a different kind of VC funding (via GigaOM)
Vision+ has read Rob Woodbridge’s latest editorial, and wants to invest in products, not companies.

The Everything Project: Building A Google For The Mobile Web App Ecosystem (via TechCrunch)
The Everything Project is an engine that searches not for apps, but in mobile web versions of them.

Why Did TestFlight Sell To Burstly? “We Couldn’t Change The App Ecosystem Alone” (via TechCrunch)
Before today, only the most successful mobile app developers could afford sophisticated real-time usage and revenue data tracking. Costs prevented indie developers from getting the data they needed to build great apps and games. By being acquired by in-app ad management platform Burstly, Satterfield’s team gained the resources necessary to launch TestFlight Live, democratize this data, and get better apps built for everyone.

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