Mobile Morning Coffee – Apple locks down address book, LightSquared is dead

The top mobile stories from the past 24 hours, served with cream and two sugars.


Apple: App Access to Contact Data Will Require Explicit User Permission (via AllThingsD)
So Apple has done the right thing, arguably something it should have done long ago: Assure users that no app can read their contact data without their permission.

The Address Book Fiasco: Another Reason For Apple To Get Its Social Platform Right (via TechCrunch)
Beyond technical fixes that developers should be implementing anyway, the solution means that users will now at least know what’s being shared. But the problem with Apple’s solution is that it looks like an inelegant knee-jerk response, not a carefully planned advancement in how it helps developers build better products for users.

FCC to block rollout of LightSquared 4G LTE network (via BGR)
LightSquared’s network was found to cause interference with spectrum used by various GPS navigation and tracking solutions, and though frequency bleeding caused by GPS network inefficiencies are to blame according to LightSquared, the Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday said it would not allow LightSquared’s network to launch.

With iAd still struggling, Apple again slashes minimum spend (via BGR)
The figure has now dropped to $100,000 according to a report from AdAge, just 10% of Apple’s original requirement.

Quad-core phones look speedy, but there’s a catch (via GigaOM)
Why? Because very few mobile apps are optimized to take advantage of four processing cores.

Opera Snaps Up Mobile Theory, 4th Screen For $26M In Mobile Ad Push (via TechCrunch)
The move is not just another sign of the ongoing consolidation in that space, but also of the need to bulk up to better compete with the likes of Google with more full-service solutions.

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