Mobile Morning Coffee (02/03/12)

The top mobile stories from the past 24 hours, served with cream and two sugars.


Google Adds A New Security Layer To The Android Market… A “Bouncer,” If You Will (via TechCrunch)
Bouncer adds another level of security to the platform, automatically scanning new and existing apps for known bits of malicious code.

Android and iOS see continued growth in Q4 as BlackBerry, Windows and Symbian slide (via BGR)
Android remains the most used smartphone operating system in the United States with a 47.3% share of the market, up 2.5 percentage points from the last report. Android is followed by iOS, which grew 2.2 points to a 29.6% share.

Facebook just revealed its Kryptonite: mobile (via GigaOM)
Facebook’s future growth is being driven by user behavior that it has so far failed to monetize.

Mobile Ad Network Mojiva Reaches 1 Billion Devices (via TechCrunch)
Overall, Mojiva says it’s serving 45 billion ad requests in 190 countries.

Surprise! Location App Highlight Actually Creates Serendipity (via TechCrunch)
Sadly, the app is currently U.S. only, so we can’t get our hands on it yet.

Qualcomm performs the first successful voice-over-LTE call with handover to WCDMA (via BGR)
This is a really big deal for Verizon and users caught in LTE dead zones.

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