Mobile Morning Coffee (01/25/12)

The top mobile stories from the past 24 hours, served with cream and two sugars.


Apple Reports First Quarter Results (via Apple)
37 million iPhones sold, 15 million iPads sold, 46 billion in revenue and 13 billion in profit. Wow.

Apple’s Massive Numbers And Some Context (via TechCrunch)
A company this big is not supposed to be able to nearly double revenue year-to-year. Nor are they supposed to more than double profit. But Apple did both.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Touches On Kindle Fire, Android, Windows Phone (via Fast Company)
Cook rejected the comparison of iOS versus Android as a two-horse race, arguing that with over 315 million iOS devices cumulatively sold, Apple is far ahead of any competition.

6 Things Apple Can Do With Its Cash Hoard (via PC Mag)
How Apple could invest its cash and still stick to its own way of doing things.

What Does The Perfect Mobile Interface Look Like? (Don’t Ask Siri) (via Fast Company)
Why we’re still waiting for the perfect mobile interface.

Verizon leads $8M investment in data optimizer Skyfire (via GigaOM)
With the ability to apply granular controls for video optimization based on cell tower congestion, device type, subscriber profile and service plan, the company said it can effectively add 25 percent capacity to any cell tower with its technology.

Verizon charging 4G prices but selling a lot of 3G phones
Verizon plans to milk as much revenue from its 3G and LTE networks as possible, saying on its fourth quarter financial results call Tuesday it would establish itself as the “premium” carrier in the data market, charging its customers for quality.

Nokia Series 40 phones: 1.5B sold and counting (via GigaOM)
It’s fitting for a few reasons that the 1.5 billionth handset was sold in Brazil and the phone has both a QWERTY keypad and runs a lite version of the monster hit, Angry Birds.

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