Mobile Morning Coffee (01/19/12)

The top mobile stories from the past 24 hours, served with cream and two sugars.


Tablet Users Spend 50% More Per Purchase Than Smartphone Owners (via Fast Company)
A new report out from Adobe Digital Marketing Insights suggests tablet visitors to retail websites, are three times more likely to make a purchase than smartphone users.

Mobile apps to top 2 million, 500 million sub-$100 smartphones in use this year, firm says (via BGR)
Market research firm Deloitte estimates that 2012 will see entry-level smartphones become more popular than ever.

Apple’s iOS and BlackBerry most popular mobile platforms among IT pros (via BGR)
Google’s Android operating system was considered to produce the greatest security risk, however, 72% of polled users claimed careless employees were a greater security threat than hackers.

Mobile Payments Company BilltoMobile Launches One-Click Checkout For The Mobile Web (via TechCrunch)
Previously, users had to enter in their mobile number manually, sometimes a zip code, then wait for a verification code that was sent to their phone through an SMS text. Now, the company says it’s able to identify a user’s mobile number automatically thanks to deeper integration with the carriers’ networks.

Android 4.0 on tablets: Better, but still needs work (via GigaOM)
Despite its intent to unify the platform experience, there are still inconsistencies within Android 4.0 on different devices.

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