Mobile Morning Coffee (01/16/12)

The top mobile stories from the past 72 hours, served with cream and two sugars.

Windows 8 tablets could be priced right out of contention (via BGR)
Are consumers willing to pay $600 to $900 for a Windows 8 tablet?

iCloud’s App Search Engine: A First Step To A Cloud-Enabled Phone (via TechCrunch)
iCloud’s features may help create a ‘web of apps’.

Google’s Plan to Make Android Beautiful: Carrots And Sticks (via TechCrunch)
How Google plans to get developers to follow their new Android Design guidelines.

Mobile Game Design: How Evil Monkeys Chased Temple Run To App Store #1 (via TechCrunch)
This is the story of how a husband and wife team designed a game with more daily active users than anything made by Zynga.

Federal agency recommends killing LightSquared LTE plans (via GigaOM)
The National Space-Based Positioning, Navigation and Timing Executive Committee has concluded that any LTE network LightSquared would build, no matter how much it scales back its transmission power, would interfere with GPS devices nationwide.



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