Mobile Morning Coffee (01/11/12)

The most relevant mobile stories from the past 24 hours, served with cream and two sugars.

Today: The Daily is no longer an Apple exclusive, Motorola signs a multi-year deal with Intel, and the iPad 3 may just be the iPad 2S.

Motorola and Intel enter into a multi-year, multi-device agreement for Intel-based devices (via BGR)
The first Intel-based Motorola smartphones will go through carrier validation this summer, with launch shortly after that.

Apple’s next-generation iPad 3 receives an early hands-on preview? (via BGR)
The iPad 3 sounds more like an iPad 2S in this latest Apple rumor.

The Daily To Come Pre-Installed On Verizon Android Devices Starting With Samsung Galaxy (via TechCrunch)
Verizon customers will get week’s free trial of the app before the $4 a week / $40 a year subscription cost kicks in.

Pressly Launches Electionism, A Tablet-Only HTML5 News Publication (via TechCrunch)
The difference between something like The Daily and Electionism, however, is that the latter is an HTML5 web app – not an iOS app or Android app built using native code and sold in an app store.

Pyxis Mobile Raises $17M, Rebrands As Verivo, Pivots To Licensable App Platform (via TechCrunch)
Previously, Pyxis created apps for enterprise financial services companies, but today pivots to offer its app development platform directly to clients.

Amazon launches new touch-friendly Kindle Store for iPad (via GigaOM)
The touch-friendly shopping experience used to be available only through Amazon’s Cloud Reader web-based Kindle reading client, but now it exists as a standalone web app, likely in an effort to accommodate native app users who don’t want to migrate to the HTML5 client.

RIM hopes content sharing can be NFC’s gateway drug (via GigaOM)
For BlackBerry 7.1 OS users, the first file share is free.

iPad has potential as programming teaching tool, if Apple would let it (via GigaOM)
Apple’s restrictions on code sharing are hindering the next generation of developers.

Happtique aims to build a standard for mobile health apps (via GigaOM)
Happtique hopes to create a set of criteria by which to judge health applications and build a standards program around those criteria in the next six months.

Social Travel In Realtime: HipGeo Offers A Glimpse Into The Future Of Location-Aware Apps (via TechCrunch)
The app offers an interface that is designed to let mobile users post text, places, and photos that are recorded, organized, and displayed around a user’s travels — the places they’ve visited, all in pursuit of the “places graph”.

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