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Today: the Indian government might have backdoor phone access, iPhone is poised to explode in China, and a French telecom might change mobile forever.

Use An iPhone? Yup, The Government Tracks That (via Fast Company)
An Indian hacker group, the Lords of Dharmaraja, posted documents that infer Apple, Nokia, and Research In Motion gave the Indian government backdoor access to their devices in exchange for mobile phone market rights.

Aurasma launches augmented reality 3D engine at CES (via TechCrunch)
While there are other apps doing a similar thing, such as Blippar, Aurasma is banking on its user-generated content features to allow it to proliferate more virally.

Medialets Turns On Private Marketplace For Mobile Ads (via TechCrunch)
To protect app and mobile web publishers from the brutal commoditization marketplaces tend to impose on prices, Medialets allows publishers to set pricing floors and even price their inventory differently for different advertisers.

Intuit GoPayment Goes International With Canada Launch; Redesigns Mobile Credit Card Reader (via TechCrunch)
Intuit says that GoPayment for Canada and the new GoPayment card reader will both be available in early 2012.

Flurry: Mobile App Usage Up To 94 Minutes Per Day (via TechCrunch)
The interesting thing about this data is that the most recent growth in mobile apps usage hasn’t really been at the expense of browsing the traditional web. People have just been using mobile apps more.

Mobile in-game purchases to hit $4.8B by 2016 (via GigaOM)
Pretty bold proclamation for four years out in the mobile industry.

Apple poised to double potential iPhone market in China (via GigaOM)
Apple now has official permission from the China Radio Management Office to offer a handset that operates on the CDMA2000 network standard, which is used by the third-largest Chinese carrier China Telecom.

Why Windows Phone is making waves at CES (via GigaOM)
Nokia + Windows 8 = big buzz for Microsoft at CES 2012.

How France’s Free will reinvent mobile (via GigaOM)
Utilizing a blend of Wifi, HSPA+ 3G, Femto cells and its all-fiber backbone, Free will offer unlimited voice, texting and data over the mobile networks.

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