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Today: iPhone 4S is coming to China before the New Year, the Kindle Fire is drinking the iPad’s milkshake, and the Android Market hits 400,000 apps.

The iPhone 4S Hits China (And 21 Other Countries) Next Friday (via TechCrunch)
This means the iPhone 4S will indeed launch in China before the Chinese New Year (January 23), which is sort of the equivalent of Black Friday in the United States.

Android Market Hits 400,000 App Milestone Says Distimo (via TechCrunch)
Distimo’s research indicates that the ratio of free to paid apps has jumped from 60% to 68% over the last eight months.

More Than 1 Million People Bought a Kindle Fire Instead of an iPad This Holiday [REPORT] (via Mashable)
According to Amazon, the Kindle Fire led the Kindle line to record-breaking sales of 4 million devices over the holiday season.

Will demoting RIM’s CEOs save the handset maker? (via GigaOM)
The question is whether removing Lazaridis and Balsillie from the board will be enough to turn things around and also instill some investor confidence.

The Pros and Cons of Android Fragmentation (via Mashable)
Carmen Delessio, CTO of Layercake, covers device, software, and manufacturer fragmentation on Android.

Mobile payments: financial players are in the driver’s seat (via GigaOM)
According to some new data from KPMG and mobile analyst Chetan Sharma, consumers still trust their banks and credit card companies to drive the mobile payments market.

PayPal: Mobile payments and location-based offers go hand-in-hand (via GigaOM)
PayPal’s upcoming mobile payment system is looking to engage consumers well before they set foot in a store.

All cellphones in Chile must be sold unlocked from January 2nd (via The Verge)
Chile’s telecoms regulator, Subtel, revealed its plans over Twitter on Monday, which are said to be part of an effort to make cellphone numbers more portable in the country — number portability officially kicks off on the 16th.

12 tech leaders’ resolutions for 2012 (via GigaOM)
Dave Morin, CEO and co-founder of Path, is looking to get into fighting shape for 2012.

Developer Sells iPhone App On eBay, Starting Price: $1 (via TechCrunch)
Mobile app developer Neal Schmidt, maker of the scavenger hunt game Buckshot, is tired of Apple’s 30% cut of everything he generates, and will invest his time in HTML5 development instead.

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