Mobile Minute Follow Friday Edition: @yasser_ansari & @sidneyeve

The Mobile Minute is back! As we ramp up to UNTETHER.talks (June 26th-27th in Toronto, Canada. Register here!) it made sense to reinstate the best 60 seconds in mobile to pay homage to our distinguished speakers.

Today we feature two people who have strong thoughts on how mobile will affect the way people learn: Sidneyeve Matrix and Yasser Ansari. Sidneyeve is the Assistant Professor and Queen’s National Scholar of Media and Film at Queen’s University, and has expertise in teaching large classes using digital, mobile and social technologies, Yasser Ansari is the co-founder and chief leaf of Networked Organisms, a National Geographic-backed software company focused on helping people reconnect with the natural world.

At UNTETHER.talks, Sidneyeve and Yasser will tackle mobile education in separate keynotes before we bring them together for an extended panel discussion. There will be a test at the end!

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