m-Pulse Episode #11: Why ad networks can help developers make money + GSMA’s connected life, Apple’s NewsStand hits $70K per day and Banjo rocks our goblet

Welcome to our newest show – m-Pulse – the show that explores the most important ideas not getting their fair shake in other outlets, brings in depth interviews with the minds shaping the mobile industry and highlights some of the companies or products that have moved the industry forward.

We continue to bring focus to the developer challenges this time we look in on ad network Inneractive and how developers can generate revenue from these kinds of services. Itay Godot, VP Marketing of Inneractive helps us understand the opportunities that developers can capitalize on and how.

In our “big ideas” segment, Peggy highlights the key findings of GSMA’s report on the Connected Life: A USD4.5 trillion global impact in 2020 and Rob tackles the true value of Apple’s NewsStand that is generating $70,000 per day in sales.

Our Goblet of Rock goes out to iOS app Banjo.

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Episode #11

Recorded: March 31, 2012
Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Peggy Anne Salz

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