How and why you should sell your mobile app – with Apptopia founder Jonathan Kay

What happens when you plan on building the next Angry Birds but your results don’t quite live up to your vision?

Face it, not every mobile app is a million-seller corner case like Angry Birds or Instagram. For those of you out there who have spent months building your app, forgoing food, water, sleep and your family – only to have it launch, peak and plummet – there is hope for your app yet.

We are seeing a growing trend for second-market offerings: eBay, of course, brought the concept of auctions to the digital masses. Companies like TagSellIt and others are bringing second-hand goods to the mobile space. Today, a growing number of startups are emerging offering services to help developers earn an exit from their efforts in mobile app development.

There are over 1 million apps in the various app stores across all mobile platforms and, as is well-documented by recent acquisitions, discovery is a challenge for developers looking to get their apps on as many devices as possible. Eventually there comes a time when the results of the efforts are not paying off or when the developer would like to move on and fund another project. As with everything in the technology world, an exit is an exit and companies like Apptopia are trying to facilitate that marriage between need and product.

Another key trend we are seeing are companies looking at bolstering their mobile offerings through acquisition. Having a single app in the ecosystem is not effective for discovery so many companies are looking for complementary apps to their one in-house developed app. This is a huge opportunity for developers looking to fill a niche that an incumbent may look to in the future.

Who knows what sticks in this app world. Sometimes what seems like a ridiculous idea takes off and one that makes absolute sense dies a slow and painful death. Maybe your idea is one of the lottery winners but for the rest of us it is good to know there are options for all the hard word that went into developing it.

In this first segment (of 3 – see part 2 here) with Jonathan, we tackle the what Apptopia is, what market forces he saw that convinced him this was a necessary service to offer, how important and hard it is to assess a value to an app, how Apptopia builds awareness for themselves as a startup and how mobile developers need to activate their “money making side of the brain”.


About Jonathan Kay
Jonathan Kay Apptopia Jonathan leads the daily operations and strategic direction at Apptopia. He is the point person for anyone trying to sell their app, buy an app, or become a revitalization partner. Jonathan is extremely passionate about branding and story telling. As someone who believes deeply in the importance of customer engagement, he is constantly striving to find scalable intimacy.

Jonathan originally made a name for himself in the startup community as the Ambassador of Buzz at Grasshopper, a company that provides Virtual Phone Systems for entrepreneurs.

He created their “Buzz Department” from the ground up and was responsible for over 600 press mentions and a handful of big partnerships over his 3 years there. Jonathan is also the author behind Learn2Buzz, and a co-founder of the Barcamp Tour. More than anything, Jonathan loves meeting new entrepreneurs and helping them create what they are passionate about. When he isn’t helping people broker their mobile apps, he is watching sports with friends (Celtics, NY Giants, & Red Sox).

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