8 things you need to do to sell your app for the highest return – with Apptopia founder Jonathan Kay

The idea of selling an app outright – handing it off and walking away – is a hard concept to grasp for some. All the hard work, the late nights and the promise of what it could be sometimes get in the way of the right decision. So why should you sell your app and what kind of apps sell better in an open and competitive marketplace?

First off, the fact that there are so many over lapping apps – similar or straight up clones – makes it difficult to stand out. So what makes an app appealing to buyers? There are some patterns here. While some apps in the various app stores might target whim buys and provide an experience that users will quickly get bored of, the apps that are more appealing are the ones that provide a consistent need that never ends. Card games, puzzle games, To Do lists – these are perfect examples of perpetually used apps. These are also examples of apps that end up selling for more.

Another aspect of selling your app is staging. If you’ve ever watched any of the house selling reality shows on television you know what this means. Home sellers fill the house with perfectly placed furniture, beautifully laid sod and top it off with freshly baked cookies. It sets the tone. It shows the possibilities. It sells houses.

The same thing must be done with an app if you want to maximize the opportunity – augmenting the user interface, enhancing the user experience, ensuring high code quality and documentation and making sure there are strong analytics are the same as outfitting the dining room, the TV room and the bedrooms with the right furniture to share the vision of what could be.

As you can see, selling an app is no different than selling your home. Some get their asking price, others settle for what is offered.

In this third and final segment (see part 1 here and part 2 here) with Jonathan, we touch on when the timing is right to sell your app, how to sell it effectively, what types of apps sell for the most and 8 tips to ensure you succeed in selling your app for the price you are looking for.


About Jonathan Kay
Jonathan Kay Apptopia Jonathan leads the daily operations and strategic direction at Apptopia. He is the point person for anyone trying to sell their app, buy an app, or become a revitalization partner. Jonathan is extremely passionate about branding and story telling. As someone who believes deeply in the importance of customer engagement, he is constantly striving to find scalable intimacy.

Jonathan originally made a name for himself in the startup community as the Ambassador of Buzz at Grasshopper, a company that provides Virtual Phone Systems for entrepreneurs.

He created their “Buzz Department” from the ground up and was responsible for over 600 press mentions and a handful of big partnerships over his 3 years there. Jonathan is also the author behind Learn2Buzz, and a co-founder of the Barcamp Tour. More than anything, Jonathan loves meeting new entrepreneurs and helping them create what they are passionate about. When he isn’t helping people broker their mobile apps, he is watching sports with friends (Celtics, NY Giants, & Red Sox).

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