Instagram hits No 1, Nokia lowers outlook + BlackBerry app numbers growing


Your Wednesday Morning Coffee: the top mobile stories from the past 24 hours, good to the last drop.

Instagram becomes No. 1 free iOS app for the first time ever after Facebook acquisition (via BGR)
The company recently revealed that it had surpassed 30 million users on the iPhone, and combined with the success of the Android version and Facebook’s user base, it won’t be long until the photo-sharing app surpasses 50 million users and beyond.

Something’s happening, something wonderful (via Inside BlackBerry)
RIM’s Developer Relations team releases some impressive growth numbers on BlackBerry development.

How Instagram Will Help Facebook Monetize Mobile (via ReadWriteWeb)
Dan Rowinski is mostly right when he says it’s about data data data.

Nokia sold 2M low-priced Lumias last quarter; lowers outlook (via GigaOM)
Due to the market challenges, Nokia estimates that its first quarter operating margin was negative 3 percent, compared to the expected break even range it previously forecast.

Crashlytics, A Startup For Crash Reporting on Mobile Apps, Raises $5M From Flybridge, Baseline (via TechCrunch)
Crashlytics provides developers with an online dashboard that helps explain where mobile app crashes might come from. It details the device’s state at the time of crash (software version, orientation, model, etc.) and even shows developers the exact line of code that the app crashed on.

Note to startups: The network is all that really matters (via GigaOM)
Within Instagram, I connected with people who I wasn’t connected to on those other networks, and began “liking” and commenting on their photos (and they on mine). I quickly built up a critical mass of users who I wanted to follow, and the app began to seem almost indispensable — and that is exactly where you want to be with any service. It had nothing to do with the filters, and everything to do with the network effects of connecting with other users.

Hey Pair, Go Ahead and Centralize My Entire Relationship (via PandoDaily)
I know you’re very young, Pair, but as you grow I’d like to see you become a sophisticated third party in my relationship. Not only should you be there to help remind my girlfriend that, while I’m on the other side of the country, she should be thinking ONLY OF ME (and to take out the recycling), but you should also help us organize our lives, coordinate our movements, and simplify our communications.

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