How will mobile disrupt the television, print, automotive and payment industries – according to The Variety Group, Visa, Turner Broadcasting, Coca-Cola and MTV

How is mobile going to disrupt the television, print, distribution, automotive and payment industries? What is the impact on our consumption pattern and the way we communicate – and are communicated to? What about cash? What does the future hold for hard currency? What about the flow of funds?

In this composite clip you’ll hear the answer to these questions from Neil Stiles of the Variety Group, Tom Daly from the Coca-Cola Company, Joe Lalley of MTV, Steve Schwinke of OnStar, Tom Purves of Visa, John Orlando of Sixth Sense Media and Todd Daubert of SNR Denton.


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  • Good session with some nice insight. I was particularly intrigued by the challenges of tapping into consumers’ pocket change.

  • Thanks Mike. I’ve been blown away by Tom Daly and the Coke team. Pretty innovative thinking for a beverage company…

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