How Scoople is using mobile to gather the collective sentiment of today’s news stories in real time – with co-founder Alain Mayer

News media is under assault from all sides: From social companies like Twitter and Facebook to the blogging revolution and now mobile. Unlike the other platforms, mobile really brings the promise of social news, location based (highly localized) news and real-time feedback and engagement to every reader with a phone. This also brings incredible revenue opportunities and new business models, one of which is what Scoople is doing.

Alain Mayer is the co-founder and CEO of Scoople – a mobile application that allows all of us to share our opinions about the news in real time – something that we’ve done inside of their product 150,000 times already. In this episode we shine the light on the future of news distribution, the impact of hyper local, the incredible power of real-time reader engagement and polling plus the sentiment layer and how that may just be the single most important piece of data we can collect.

If you are involved in the news media business – be that radio, newspaper or television – this is a preview of things to come that will forever change those industries.


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About Alain Mayer
Alain MayerAlain graduated from Columbia University with a PhD in Computer Science. He got his first taste of Internet consumer products at Bell Labs, where he lead a project on social e-commerce for the Web. He then joined the startup world as CTO at CenterRun which got successfully acquired by Sun Microsystems. Alain went on to co-found RedSeal System, where he lead technology and development. Alain has always had a passion for products that enable people to connect in meaningful ways and, as a lifelong news junkie, Scoople naturally emerged.

About the author

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