How Banjo cures disappointment – with CEO Damien Patton

Damien Patton – well known to you regular visitors – is the CEO of Silicon Valley Banjo. Banjo is a location based mobile browser allowing you to be anywhere in real-time regardless of your current location and get the value of the things that are happening around you. It can be a people finder, an event finder, a trend finder or simply a conversation and relationship enabler.

Damien was a keynote speaker at the recent UNTETHER.talks summit held in Toronto at the end of June and we sat down to discuss a few prescient things that Banjo helps to evolve. First up was the way that Banjo enables proximity-based relationships and why it is important to building and fostering connection. Next it was what the long term implication of this type of enabling software is on forming, maintaining and broadening relationships.

Damien summed it up perfectly when he said Banjo puts you in the moment with the people that matter.

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About Damien Patton
Damien Patton BanjoDamien Patton, Banjo Founder and CEO, is a serial entrepreneur and problem solver who developed Banjo in 2011. Not satisfied with the hurdles that hinder people from connecting across social networks on a mobile phone, he felt he had no choice but to tackle the problem himself.

A trailblazer in the mobile industry, Damien speaks frequently at conferences on subjects ranging from social media to location-based technology. Damien thrives on leading teams in innovative projects, and has placed first in various hackfests, including Google Campout. From think tanks and boardrooms to dirt bikes and racecars, Damien is a risk taker who likes his life fast-paced and full of challenge.

Damien holds an MBA, and his diverse past includes working as a NASCAR Chief Mechanic, Desert Storm veteran and crime scene investigator (no joke). He cruises the Bay Area on his Harley, loves Boston and never misses a chance to see The Dropkick Murphys.

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