Holger Luedorf and the Evolution of foursquare

This is the first of 2 parts with Holger Luedorf, VP Biz Dev at foursquare

Mobile is a great social enabler and no other social company in mobile has been on the tip of the tongue of users for longer than foursquare. This company popularized the location stamp, the check-in, the mayor and ushered in the mainstream location era as well as the location loyalty era. Now with over 20 million users, 2 billion location data points and 40 million locations tagged worldwide, this 4-year old disruptor is entering a new phase of life as it seeks to become the sum of its data parts.

The year has seen some significant movement in the location space as the larger, more established companies have set their sights on the handheld world. Competitor Gowalla has been swallowed up by a formidable foe in Facebook, Yelp has partnered with Apple and a number of increasingly niche companies have emerged going deeper into the relationship development side of location. All this to say, location has landed and foursquare, the pioneer in the consumerization of location data, is still relevant and embarking on the next phase of offerings.

What do you do with the data funnel that streams from a very active user base? This data, married to a layer of habit, is where this Foursquare is emerging and this episode with Holger Luedorf, VP Business Development at Foursquare, looks at the shifts that the company has gone through in order to remain relevant. Take all that data from all those check-ins, add to it the contextually relevant feedback from friends and influencers and the location-based hyper-personalized era is upon us. Add to this the platform ambitions that foursquare is in the process of developing and you can quickly surmise the focus of the company is shifting to deeper loyalty and engagement from its hoard of users. This is clearly the quest to offer more relevancy and more discovery each and every time the app is launched.

In this first segment, Holger discusses foursquare’s simplified new design, the discovery vision and the competitive landscape. Plus we talk about the foursquare metrics – what the company looks at to gauge their growth and success.

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About Holger Luedorf
Holger Luedorf Foursquare Holger is VP of Mobile & International for foursquare. He has held positions in internet and mobile services since 1998. Before joining foursquare, Holger worked at Yahoo Mobile as a Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, responsible for all of Yahoo’s strategic partnerships with global OEMs. Prior to Yahoo Mobile, Holger worked at T-Mobile International and Red Message. Holger holds a German Diplom in Business and Japanese from Hochschule Bremen and an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.

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