Facebook’s mobile ad product, Microsoft’s Xbox tablet + Apple is ‘underperforming’ in China


Your Monday Mobile Pint: the top mobile stories from the past 24 hours, good to the last drop.

Apple to become most profitable company ever (via BGR)
As Apple’s stock price continues its roller coaster ride after topping $600 earlier this year, one industry watcher believes the stock is currently in the bargain bin. Apple can already lay claim to the most profitable quarter in history among technology companies, and Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White on Monday wrote in a note to clients that Apple is currently on track to record the most profitable year ever among publicly traded companies.

‘Xbox Surface’ 7-inch tablet said to be on tap for Microsoft event (via BGR)
Early well-sourced reports indicated that a Microsoft-branded tablet is on tap for the event, and a number of subsequent reports have said much of the same. TechCrunch later reported that we should expect a Barnes & Noble collaboration, but B&N squashed that rumor relatively quickly. Next up from the rumor mill? An “Xbox Surface” tablet with a 7-inch display, an ARM based TI processor, full HD 1080p-output and a 28-nanometer AMD graphics processor.

Facebook Did Not Confirm Hyper-Local Mobile Ad Product, But Here’s How It Would Target You (via TechCrunch)
Facebook may one day let advertisers target mobile users based on their exact current location, but VP Carloyn Everson did not confirm that such a product is in the works to Bloomberg, Facebook tells me. So we won’t say Facebook is “readying” such a product, but that doesn’t mean it won’t emerge eventually. let’s imagine how it could look.

Shaun Rein: Apple is Under-performing in China (via PandoDaily)
“Even though Apple quadrupled sales in China and it’s their second largest market, they only have five Apple stores in the country,” Rein told me over Vietnamese food in an upscale shopping mall. “We think the market can sustain about 100, and they have 300 globally. So they’re not taking what I call a China-first strategy.” This is, after all, a country of 1.3 billion people and 1.4 million US-dollar millionaires.

Why Apple Is Going “Containment” Not “Thermonuclear” Against Google In iOS 6 (via Search Engine Land)
However much love Apple users have for Apple’s products, that doesn’t equate to them having to hate Google or its products like Google Search. Most of us are not rabid fanboys in our consumer choices. Plenty don’t want to “pick a side” between Apple and Google but rather pick the best products from both. Heck, even rabid-Android haters out there still use Google Search.

Mozilla Is Building A “Simple” iPad Browser Called Junior (via TechCrunch)
Last week, Mozilla’s Product Design Strategy team quietly announced a few new projects including something called Junior, a Webkit browser for the iPad with no tabs or search bars. Instead, it uses simple gestures and a simplified UI to change the way we work with the web.

Samsung looks to break away from the Android pack (via BGR)
In something of a surprise to the industry, leading consumer electronics firm Samsung announced earlier this month that chief executive Choi Gee-sung would shift to a new role focused on strategy and former component business head Kwon Oh-hyun would take over as Samsung’s CEO. During a speech on Monday, Kwon stated that Samsung will make software and UI design a key focus moving forward, suggesting that the heavy Android customizations seen in the company’s new Galaxy S III smartphone are just the beginning.

Music Streaming App Songza Surpasses 1 Million iOS Downloads In 10 Days
(via TechCrunch)
This is a testament to how startups can disrupt crowded spaces as long as the core idea is solving the problem differently. Songza achieves that with some added user delight to boot.

Knight Foundation Bets Mobile Sensor Startup, Behav.io, Is The Future of Journalism (via TechCrunch)
The entire big-data mobile smorgasbord is based on an open source project he helped built at the MIT Media Lab, Funf, a public database of android-friendly software for turning cell phone toting-humans into willing lab rats of social experimentation.

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