Facebook wants Google and Apple to fix their browsers + next-gen iPhone might be the Terminator


Your Friday Mobile Pint: the top mobile stories from the past 24 hours, good to the last drop.

Next-generation iPhone to utilize new display technology (via BGR)
iting anonymous sources within Apple’s component supply chain, DigiTimes on Friday reported that Apple’s new iPhone will utilize in-cell touch panels rather than industry-standard on-cell technology. In-cell touch panel technology allows a device’s touch sensors to reside inside a display’s color filters rather than above them, and the result is a thinner, lighter panel.

Facebook Says “Yo Google and Apple, HTML5 Apps Will Suck Until Your Mobile Browsers Improve” (via TechCrunch)
Facebook has revealed that its HTML5 site has twice as many users as its iOS and Android apps combined. But that’s actually a problem, because Apple and Google’s mobile browsers don’t support photo uploads or high-performance animation for HTML5 — features that are crucial to getting Facebook mobile site users sharing more and convincing app developers to port to HTML5 where Facebook can tax payments.

Picle, the Instagram With Audio, Has 50,000 Users After a Month (via PandoDaily)
Creator Alex Harding joked after Facebook bought Instagram that, if you stack Picle’s user base against Instagram’s, Picle is already worth around $24 million.

Forecast: Mobile content, ad sales to hit $67B in 2012 (via GigaOM)
That is the remainder of the firm’s total mobile media category projection of $149.8 billion, which includes a projected 9.5 percent increase in mobile data subscription sales to $82.8 billion.

Nielsen Finds U.S. Hispanics Tops In Mobile, Social Activity (via TechCrunch)
According to the study, Hispanics outpace all over ethnic groups in mobile downloads of music and photos, and are more likely to watch video online and on the their mobile phones than others.

Can The Phone Be Reinvented? (via Fast Company)
Just look at the array of phones being spat out by the tens of millions from production lines now. Look at the P1. Look at the iPhone. Look at the possibly leaked and curiously iPhone 4-esque Samsung Galaxy SIII. They’re all the same. There are subtle variations, sure, and colors vary (though that’s not a real, core difference!) but basically they’re all flat glossy screens married to a flat wedge of invisible high-tech magic circuitry. There is no genuine, dramatic innovation here.

Instagram’s Windfall Proves Path’s Worth
(via PandoDaily)
Sigh. Hamish McKenzie didn’t read my article.

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