Daily Mobile Minute #94: Apple simply crushes Q4

Apple’s latest quater shows STAGGERING growth in iPhone sales – over 37 million of them to be close to exact. They also sold 315 million iOS units in 2011, managed to collect 50% of all Verizon smartphone sales and collect a whole lot of ex-Android, BlackBerry and WebOS owners.

Not too shabby at all.

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  • Apple is doing amazing and there is no doubt ab out that. I just think people are really zombies that have no clue what they think or what they do.

    Apple just did the exact same thing as RIM did this year. Consumers were wanting a new device and all we got were revamped hardware like the Torch 9810/9860/9850 and the Bold 9900 so consumers were disappointed and said RIM sucks and start the RIM bash, where is the innovation. Apple did the exact same thing, people wanted a brand new phone but only got revamped hardware and for the first time Apple feel below public expectation and demand but Apple is amazing for it and breaks records doing so! WTF I don’t get it, People are just stupid and I mean that nicely but they have no clue what they are doing and what they want. I talk to people all the time about a device they want to purchase and I am talking all brands and they really have no clue what they want. So people go with the popular brand the “Name brand jeans” are they better then the no name brand jeans? Nope and in some case they are worse, but who case because now they blend in! Apple is a fashion statement in the biggest sense and they tons of money for it. But when I look at the functionality of their devices they are crap when compared, I know because I support both. I am constantly asking myself “Do people really think this device with 0 features is good?” other then Apps a BlackBerry or Android device can skate circles around iOS… but I digress because does it matter? well it seems not because people don’t care when things don’t work as good as something else which is a statement on its own.

    So Rob I pat Apple on the back and applaud them for doing so well I just have to ask the real question “Why are they doing so well?”

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