Daily Mobile Minute #92: Are banks stuck in the 1950’s?

Have you been in a bank lately? If you haven’t, step into one and you will feel as though you’ve stepped back in time. Now try to use a service and you’ll quickly realize the industry is stuck in the 1950’s. Mobile is about to serve a strong dose of reality to institutions that aren’t ready to adapt and the banking industry as a whole is one and I can’t wait.

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Rob Woodbridge

I'm Rob, the founder of UNTETHER.tv and I've spent 14 years immersed in the mobile and pervasive computing world. During this great time I've helped some of the most innovative companies grow their business through mobile. If you are in need of a mobile business advisor or coach, connect with me here to get things rolling.

  • Rob, Banks blow my mind. I have no idea how we have all been convinced that they are helping us… why because they give us a tiny return for the use of all of our money, then when we say we want it back they charge us for it. I am so close to leaving my bank it’s not funny, but the problem is I have no where better to go. It is a sad world where we are treated like insignificant nobody’s but if it was not for us the banks would fold. I am Canadian and I pay $45 for 100 checks and $14.95 for an unlimited checking account with TD Canada Trust. All this expense so that I can access my money that I earned that the bank is making 10% aprox on. 

    I would love to find a better way to have my money without banks, they can have my mortgage and loans but when it comes to my money I want to fight back!!!!!

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