Daily Mobile Minute #87: Will a quad core iPad make it 4 times better?

What’s better than a dual core processor? A quad core of course…or is it? Will the quad core experience bring 4X more enjoyment from the new device vs the one that is already in my pocket? If not, don’t do it and focus on the things that will make it better – like a quad super downloader thing that makes the Internet and all my cloud content more quickly accesible from the device (LTE doesn’t count).

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  • Rob I 100% agree with you in all but 1 case, BlackBerry devices that actually multitask here is where multi core processors are huge. But again like you mentioned do they really need to be advertised? Well if I was a KNC (know nothing consumer) and I wanted to purchase a device and I was options were Apple @ $599 for a device with 2 cores or Android @ $599 for a quad core well I would look and say “The Android has twice the speed” which to a KNC is a scale tipping spec. But again if they knew any thing they would realize even on a desktop 4 cores does not always mean faster, it’s not like the OS splits jobs up into 4 pieces now to be done 4 times faster. Now If i had 4 applications running all at the same time all of them processing data then boom that computer is zooming but does the regular consumer really multi task that hard nowadays? Do consumers need to be told how many processors a device has? Well in my opinion it only matters when it matters, and in today’s cut throat market for smart phones this sometimes is the only thing separating some devices hardware wise. So if you are not Apple it is all you have to say “Look what we have that Apple doesn’t”

  • Maybe it does become a deciding factor is you are looking at a checklist of equivalents. I guess. To get to this point there needs to be parity in all other areas. RIM loses against the other platforms because of the perception that they don’t have enough apps/services running on their platform. Right or wrong, this is a marketing failure and a fixed focus on the number of apps in their store. If RIM was smart(er) they would focus on differentiated offerings NOT compare themselves to their competitors. They are losing that battle so shift the view – but do it for the average consumer because that’s who they are selling to. Quad core doesn’t say “easy to use”…

  • Exactly there does have to be parity normally across the board to make a checklist of items have more weight but at the same extent does it? I see and hear people in big box stores that have no clue what they are doing and they hear one word they like from the sales guy that puts this item in  a class all its own and they are sold. I also do think that people have been trained that MHz matters cores matters because personally I have since the beginning of computers, until just recently has that changed now to how an OS uses those MHz and Cores. AMD has been trying to get away form this as a measurement tool for years. So I do wonder if you are right and when society will adopt a new measurement system for determining if this device is better then that device. Great thinking Mobile Minute!

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