Daily Mobile Minute #86: What do people really use their Android devices for

iPhone took 52% of the mobile web browsing share in December compared to 16% for Android. So what was behind this incredible disparity given Android’s complete dominance in activations in 2011?

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Rob Woodbridge

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  • While I agree that a lack of knowledge by Android users about their phone’s capabilities  does play a part in the web browsing discrepancy, I do not think it is the only reason. 

    Another explanation I have come to from talking with people who have owned both devices is that the web browsing experience on Android devices sucks compared to the iPhone. iPhone users will happily browse via their phone while on the go, where as Android users will still wait to get to a desktop to do whatever it is they need to do. What do you think?

  • Hi Nick – thanks for the comment!

    I’ve heard that for sure and I would say it contributes to the issue. Face it, until ICS hits, Android is losing the user experience war but I bump into person after person – normal consumers carrying Android devices – that have no idea they can access anything other than a phone number (and texting) with the device. I guess we should see a bump in activity once the new devices start to really hit the streets.

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