Daily Mobile Minute #83: Is mobile TV a good idea?

What would you do with a broadcast signal in your pocket? Is live TV (aside from sports) something we want on a mobile device or would we prefer content tailored for the medium?

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Rob Woodbridge

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  • I agree with you that mobile TV in North America won’t work. Our culture is about big and expensive TVs for that sort of content. What I find interesting is where mobile TV does work. In Korea, they use the DMB format for mobile TV and it’s incredibly successful. Over 40% of new devices use DMB and over 14 million DMB receivers were sold as of 2008. More about it on the wiki page for DMB: 

  • I think that Mobile TV is a good service for the future-present but not as we know. Is necessary adapted to media. Regards.


  • Hi @kylemcinnes:disqus . We are spoiled by our screens aren’t we? Because of this it will take forever for the North American broadcasters to really understand that mobile is not just another broadcast mechanism. In Korea they aren’t suffering from big screen syndrome and don’t have cable TV in every home so the mobile channel works very well. This isn’t the solution, it just fills a void for now.

    A good example of a NA company that may get it is MTV – I sat with Joe Lalley a while ago to talk to him about this – found here: http://untether.tv/2012/how-mtv-is-thriving-in-a-multi-screen-mobile-first-world-with-joe-lalley-vp-digital-products/

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