Daily Mobile Minute #81: What do the Montreal Expos and RIM have in common?

Yup, 1994 and 2004 were painful years as a Montreal Expos baseball fan and 2011-2012 are and will be painful years for RIM. Just like the Expos in 2004 the community turned against them and ushered them out of town without a tear. We are doing the same to RIM and may live to regret it just like the departure of Major League Baseball from Montreal.

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  • So, RIM will move south of the border, be owned by a wealthy individual and start spending lots of money on free agents while still struggling to compete against the incumbent giants? (ok, Phillies & Braves, Giants are in the west) =)

  • Exactly…I think. er. The Nationals still suck even with a new owner south of the border…

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