Daily Mobile Minute #80: Is Siri the Google slayer?

We search a lot from our mobile devices and, for the most part, we don’t really care where the results come from – only that they are what we are looking for. What happens to Google when a third party service like Siri searches for us and displays the results?

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  • Marius M

    In Perfect english(US) speaking countries – maybe. Others.. no..
    at least not this decade… voice recognitions evolves too slow.
    not to mention the device price which runs Siri….
    also lots of people already has some PC and phone, buying additional device povered with some voice search engine interface would be to expensive.
    Personally I don’t see a Siri in a future, why would a man would like to speak with machine, oh sorry.. its not even a machine.. its program.

  • Thanks Marius. I think this will start gradually with simple commands – things that SIRI does well and search is the first. Companies like OnStar will build this into their systems and most of the other OS developers like Microsoft and Android are building the same functionality into their OS so the price will not be as much of an issue as it is now.

    Multiple language is a challenge for sure – no question that it is an English first world for now.

  • Brandon C

    Google has taken Siri and brought out their own program in Google Voice Commands for Android.
    As Apple is getting ready to launch another 3 million iPhone 3GS in China, this potential iPhone 4S dilemma seems tiny. I don’t have the numbers, but the market share of the 4S isn’t intimidating enough to Google. By time it is, Google will probably have done something phenomenal with Voice Commands.
    Great video though – you’ve got my subscription!

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