Coke: How mobile content, mobile distribution and mobile commerce are reinventing their business – with Tom Daly

Do you think of mobile when you think about Coke? Sure, we’ve all seen mcommerce-enabled vending machines but how does the Coca-Cola Company think about mobile and the impact it is and will have on their business?

According to Tom Daly, Group Manager, Strategy & Planning, Global Interactive Marketing, mobile is more than a transaction, more than an easy way to buy – it is a way to deepen the relationship between the brand and the consumer.

What got me thinking while listening to Tom was the deep understanding this company has about the potential of mobile and how they can use their network of distributors, partners and vending machines to expand how they do business – all because of mobile.

This was recorded at the MEF Americas where was the official North American media partner.


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About Tom Daly
Tom DalyRecognized in 2009 by OMMA as an Online Marketing “All Star”, Tom Daly has been a member of The Coca-Cola Company’s Global Connections team since joining the company in 2005. At Coca-Cola, he leads the company’s global efforts for mobile, search and iAgency management. Leveraging everything from SMS to NFC-enabled payments he’s contributed to many of the company’s highest profile programs for some of the world’s most valuable brands. For over 15 years, Tom has been a champion of the role emerging technology can play in the branding and communications efforts across diverse industries.

Tom lives in Atlanta with his wife and four children who have inspired occasional posts to his blog,

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