5 mobile questions with Fixmo’s Rick Segal (UNTETHER.talks Speaker Spotlight)

More than anything, UNTETHER.talks is defined by the luminaries we’ve sought to bring together to speak to the changing face of mobile. As we ramp up to our inaugural event in Toronto (June 26-27, tickets still available!), we wanted to take the time to get our luminaries a little bit better.

Today we have Rick Segal, UNTETHER.tv contributor and the co-founder of enterprise mobile solutions startup Fixmo. Prior to starting Fixmo, Rick was a partner at JLA Ventures, a large Canadian Venture Capital fund, which means he’s played both parts of the entrepreneur/VC tennis dance of death, making him the perfect person to keynote the “Delusional Sex: the Lies Told in VC/Entrepreneur Trysts” session on day two of UNTETHER.talks. As you can probably tell from the title alone, Rick has both a way with words and a no-BS attitude – important traits when we live in a world where mobile startups can sell for $1 billion without generating revenue. So keep reading to get a better feel of Rick’s informative and entertaining style, then come see him in Toronto on June 27th. This keynote is simply going to rock.

1. What is your can’t live without mobile app/service?

Flightaware. When a gate agent says oh yes, it’s on time, I point to the online, live map of the plane two hours away with the comment “liar liar pants on fire”.

2. What mobile app/service do you want right now that doesn’t exist?

PickMyMeal. I click on pictures of appitizers, salads, mains, desserts, and just press “send it”. It’s tied to my phone bill which already knows where I live via the bill. The point is making use of what’s already out there. Since privacy is dead anyway, I don’t want to type where I am, the phone/device knows.

3. What do you want the UNTETHER.talks audience to remember from your session?

Doing a dance with a VC is a lot like dancing naked with a cobra snake in one hand while next to cactus plants. It’s really really cool unless you trip, fall, or get bit.

4. What’s the next vertical that is ripe for mobile disruption?

Education. Lots of bandwidth and video is out there. I need to be in class why?

5. What’s the biggest impediment to mobile ubiquity?

Nothing. It’s already here. That guy in Starbucks running his business on his Laptop (Mac or PC) is mobile. We are hung up on size vs. results. Which of course is how humans think anyway so this isn’t a surprise.

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