5 mobile questions with Doug Stephens (UNTETHER.talks Speaker Spotlight)

More than anything, UNTETHER.talks is defined by the luminaries we’ve sought to bring together to speak to the changing face of mobile. As we ramp up to our inaugural event in Toronto (June 26-27, tickets still available!), we wanted to take the time to get our luminaries a little bit better.

First up is Doug Stephens, Retail Prophet Consulting founder and presenting the “Mobile Retail: the Destination is YOU” keynote to close out day one. The session will examine the historic relationship between shopping and destination, and provide clear examples of the mobile technologies that present new opportunities for retailers to reinvent the strategic value of their stores – both on and offline. Take a few minutes to get to know Doug better and then come see him speak at UNTETHER.talks.

1. What is your can’t live without mobile app/service?

Twitter Mobile.

2. What mobile app/service do you want right now that doesn’t exist?

Virtual Assistant with machine-learning capability.

3. What do you want the UNTETHER.talks audience to remember from your session?

That we are in the VERY early stages of how mobile will influence us as consumers. The best is yet to come.

4. What’s the next vertical that is ripe for mobile disruption?

The text book racket. The disruption has already begun but it’s going to increase significantly as tablets gain traction.

5. What’s the biggest impediment to mobile ubiquity?

On a global basis I think “mobile” is ubiquitous but in order for smartphone ubiquity to emerge, we need increased Internet penetration in emerging nations as well as lower costs for airtime and data in those countries.

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