5 mobile questions with Deloitte’s Kelly McDonald (UNTETHER.talks Speaker Spotlight)

More than anything, UNTETHER.talks is defined by the luminaries we’ve sought to bring together to speak to the changing face of mobile. As we ramp up to our inaugural event in Toronto (June 26-27, tickets still available!), we wanted to take the time to get our luminaries a little bit better.

Today we have Mr. Kelly McDonald, member of our wonderful sponsor Deloitte’s Mobility practice and Manager in Deloitte & Touche LLP’s Systems Integration and Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) practices. Kelly also leads Deloitte’s Unified Communications initiative in Canada.

These credentials make Kelly eminently qualified to lead a day one keynote on the future of Machine to Machine (M2M), which is expected to grow by over 2200% over the next 5 years, and account for more than 5% of all mobile data by 2016. While I’m excited for a world where Siri talks to my refrigerator, Kelly argues that M2M extends beyond the “Internet of Things”. How, exactly? Come to UNTETHER.talks and find out!

1. What is your can’t live without mobile app/service?
Facebook, always need my fix =D.

2. What mobile app/service do you want right now that doesn’t exist?
Amazon Instant Video and all the other content services I can’t get because I live on the wrong side of the border.

3. What do you want the UNTETHER.talks audience to remember from your session?
The mobile applications we all use on a day to day basis only represent the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all of the underlying interactions we never get a chance to see.

4. What’s the next vertical that is ripe for mobile disruption?
Converged Communications. Transforming the way we interact by building voice, video, IM and presence into mobile applications. What will replace the phone (like how the car replaced the horse)?

5. What’s the biggest impediment to mobile ubiquity?
Spectrum constraints, they just aren’t making any more and most of the good stuff is already taken.

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