5 mobile questions with Banjo’s Damien Patton (UNTETHER.talks Speaker Spotlight)

More than anything, UNTETHER.talks is defined by the luminaries we’ve sought to bring together to speak to the changing face of mobile. As we ramp up to our inaugural event in Toronto (June 26-27, tickets still available!), we wanted to take the time to get our luminaries a little bit better.

Today we have Damien Patton, founder and CEO of Lo/Mo/Social Superpowers app Banjo. Besides being a great interview, Damien’s experience with Banjo made him the perfect person to keynote the “Location: the Holy Grail of Relationships” session on day one. Damien claims that “the promise of mobile is contextual serendipity through the intersection of local and social.” But how do they intersect? Is the serendipity generated or curated, and can it be monetized? Come to UNTETHER.talks and find out.

1. What is your can’t live without mobile app/service?
Banjo of course. I have been wanting a service that tells me when important people and events are nearby so that I dont miss out. But, outside of Banjo – Flixster! I love the movies as it is one of the only times that I can escape reality and thinking about work.

2. What mobile app/service do you want right now that doesn’t exist?
A personal assistant that predicts everything I need before I do.

3. What do you want the UNTETHER.talks audience to remember from your session?
How location is making social networks more relevant.

4. What’s the next vertical that is ripe for mobile disruption?
I actually like two; travel and health. We all probably need help staying in better health with our “on the go” lifestyles and what better way then the device that is always on the go with us.

5. What’s the biggest impediment to mobile ubiquity?
From the perspective of the smart phone, it is cost and the speed of service (data).

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