3 areas to start a business using big data – with Kevin Foreman of INRIX

Big data is, well, big! So where are the opportunities in big data? That’s what Kevin Foreman, VP of Mobile Applications at INRIX, lays out for us in this clip from his keynote at UNTETHER.talks. Why is this important to you, the business owner or entrepreneur? Here’s why.

I’ve spoken with hundreds (really) of mobile experts, business owners and entrepreneurs over the last 30 months and when the idea of leveraging data comes up, for the most part, the conversation slips into starry-eyed discourse on the potential of this data. What’s missing? Action. Mobile and pervasive computing is the panacea of data collection – it is easy, precise and, when you ask the right questions, VERY powerful. In fact, the data you are collecting is the most important piece of your business. Period.

When you have a sea of data, the hardest part is understanding where to start but it doesn’t have to be if you understand what your data is telling you.

This is a short clip from a much longer keynote but listen to what Kevin is saying and start asking the right questions about your customers requirements and you will be able to sift through the data to make an impact.

For the rest of this presentation head to the digital version of UNTETHER.talks here.

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