1M Android Instagram users, 50M Draw Something downloads + mobile ad companies back ODIN


Your Wednesday Mobile Pint: the top mobile stories from the past 24 hours, good to the last drop.

Instagram for Android surpasses 1 million downloads in less than 24 hours (via BGR)
The Android application opened its pre-registration last week, attracting more than 430,000 users.

OMGPOP’s Draw Something Surpasses 50 Million Downloads (via TechCrunch)
The company also noted that over 6 billion drawings have been passed between friends. According to the PR, the least popular word to draw is “latrine,” which is understandable.

Here’s the List of Stuff RIM Needs to Solve for BlackBerry 10 to Succeed (via CrackBerry)
Related: 5 Lessons From RIM’s Sticky BlackBerry Mess.

PayPal Debuts Tiered Suite Of Online, Offline And Mobile Payments Options For Small Businesses (via TechCrunch)
Today, PayPal is rebranding its services for small businesses as PayPal Payments, which suite of business products with three tiers of capabilities to give US small businesses multiple payment options that work for them.

GoPago’s line-skipping mobile payment system launches in San Francisco (via GigaOM)
The service allows consumers to order and pay ahead from their mobile app and essentially skip the line at all kinds of businesses, from restaurants and hair salons to dry cleaners and coffee shops. That’s where it’s trying to make its mark: by helping people streamline their shopping experience, not just their payment experience.

Phonedeck Launches Cloud Dashboard for Mobile Phones (via BetaKit)
With its Android app, users can receive and initiate calls, read and reply to text messages, and view their entire cellular communication history in a browser window (any modern browser), and the service also provides rich contact information from connected services like LinkedIn to flesh out address books with additional details and photos.

Eight Mobile Ad Companies Get Behind ODIN In A Quest To Replace The UDID (via TechCrunch)
The old way, the UDID, was a unique identifier specific to every single iPhone, iPad and iPod. But critics have said that UDIDs are sensitive because they can’t be cleared or erased. ODIN has proposed one alternative right now, but that could change if Apple doesn’t like it. Right now, ODIN derives an ID from a phone’s MAC address (or media access control address). It’s the address that’s used to connect to Wi-fi networks.

Creativity tools: The next wave of iOS apps? (via GigaOM)
Snapguide and Paper have two things in common. Both appeal to the creative side of mobile users, and both are themselves beautifully made and deceptively simple to use.

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