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When I listened, I mean really listened, to Springsteen’s Darkness on the Edge of Town I heard things that I had missed each of the 1000 times I’d listened to it before. For some reason it didn’t hit home all those other times – maybe it was because of my headspace, maybe it was my laziness – whatever the reason I’m just glad that I learned the errors of my ways and list Darkness as a seminal and influential piece of work in my life.

My appreciation for Steve Jobs follows that same path.

I was a Microsoft guy, sworn to defend to the death the end of the Mac – those nuisance machines that didn’t work properly on my Windows network, that caused us to do 30% more work to get a website lined up so it looked the same on a Mac and a PC (“but why would we want to work that hard on a platform that owned 2% of the market?”), that arrogant, benevolent dictator that lorded over his people and wouldn’t license his hardware…you get the picture.

Then the iPod came.

Then the iPhone came.

Then the iPad came.

I’m not sure how it happened but somewhere along the way I’ve abandoned the PC of yesteryear, carry an iPhone instead of a BlackBerry, lean back with an iPad in hand (remember how dumb that named sounded 18 months ago?) and make a living in an industry Steve didn’t invent but came as close to perfecting as we can get today.

Not surprisingly, most (if not all) the 320 entrepreneurs that I’ve interviewed here on have answered one way when I ask “what was the moment you decided to take mobile seriously?”

January 9, 2007

The day the first iPhone was announced.

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