The impact of mobile on commerce and the ewallet with Andrew Paradise, founder of AisleBuyer

This is part of an on-going year-long special series examining the impact that mobile is having on certain sectors of the economy. These sessions bring industry experts to to offer their thoughts on how mobile will be shaping their industries

In this session, Andrew Paradise, founder of Aislebuyer, discusses the impact that mobile is having on mobile payments.

Some highlights of this session:
– Hear about the challenges about adopting mobile payments in retail establishments
– Understand the impact that the adoption of mobile is and will have on the way we pay for product
– Learn what the trends in Mcommerce mean to the retail business
– Hear about the way retail can start to use mobile to drive sales
– Understand the impact of NFC (near field communications) on payments and retail and when we should see it have an impact
– Learn how augmented reality will impact the retail industry
– Hear about hyper geo-targeting and how that impacts retail and purchasing habits

And so much more!


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About Andrew Paradise
Andrew Paradise
Andrew Paradise is the CEO and Founder of AisleBuyer LLC, a startup company focused on providing mobile self-checkout solutions for retailers. He is currently on the advisory board for the Inventis Group, a technology transfer initiative for the US Air Force, and the IT Chair on the advisory board for Boston Entrepreneurs Network.

Prior to AisleBuyer, Andrew was CEO of Photrade, a web 2.0 digital media and advertising company. Andrew has also worked for Fort Washington Capital Partners and The Watermill Group, and received his Bachelors of Arts in English Literature, Summa Cum Laude, from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and his Bachelor of Commerce in Economics from University of Auckland in New Zealand.

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