Schneidermike on why he is obsessed with location and why you should care about the SoLoMo movement

I’m not sure this session needs an introduction – certainly not the other guy in the episode: Mike Schneider, AKA Schneidermike.

Schneidermike, SVP at the digital incubator inside of Allen & Gerritson, is a leading leading leading thinker in the location-as-dialtone world we are entering and is the co-author of the most comprehensive book on location based marketing called Location Based Marketing for Dummies.

We spend an entire hour talking about key concepts found in his book, why location is so important to business and consumers alike, the biggest misconceptions of mobile as dialtone, who is doing it right and why, where the whole SoLoMo industry is going and what his current and next obsessions are.

If you don’t know Schneidermike (shame shame) you will understand why he is a sought-after speaker, author and thinking in this space after watching this episode. Plus, you’ll get some key takeaways that you can start implementing right away.


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About Mike Schneider (aka Schneidermike)


Technologist & food hacker & fashionista & arsenal gooner & blogger & digital before digital & red sox nation member & i’m a mac & i’m a pc.

Improved targeting means we can do away with a “cast a wide net” approach in favor of tactics that encourage social interaction with our brands. In a world where people are choosing to opt out of messaging that does not resonate with them, we need to make our clients ready when people decide to engage. This means a shift to more intimate engagement methods and encouraging our audience to both listen to and join the conversation.

I have 13+ years of experience in defining business pains and solving problems using technology, marketing and analytics. The a&g Digital Incubator’s think-tank style atmosphere combined with passions for redefining the boundaries and client success led me to a&g.

I started my career building database driven applications for the one of the world’s premiere hospitals, the Cleveland Clinic. The opportunity to get my hands on world-class technology projects & management consulting opportunities brought me to Ernst & Young & Oracle. I built very large operational, marketing and CRM systems for companies like Pfizer, Gillette, Friendly’s, Gorton’s, Ameritech, Smucker’s, Georgia Pacific and Fidelity.

In 2004 I went to work for Hill, Holliday to define database marketing for the agency. I built award-winning communities for Liberty Mutual; created CRM, segmentation and BI solutions for LPL, Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare, Cognos and United Rentals; provided marketing automation and modeling strategies to Dell and data warehouse; and a web content management solution for a major telecom.

I have Management Information Systems & Accountancy degrees from Miami University. At home is quality assurance expert & market research commando & superwife & supermom & superstar Jaye Schneider. On weekends you can find us enjoying New England with the kids. Look for me at MITX and BIMA events and the occasional tweetup or call me at the a&g offices to chat.

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