Samsung’s Droid Charge television ad – does this actually sell phones?

Have you seen the latest commercials for the Samsung Droid Charge? It’s the one with the Droid smashing into 4G with a bunch of sterile, high tech looking people and things shooting and exploding as the two collide…huh?

What does this mean? Why can’t Samsung get past the metallic glow of technology and focus on the value the product could bring to its owner – and then show how it works. This is wrong on so many levels and I really thought we were past this “1984-like” commercial for technology in, like 1984 but I guess I was wrong.

There could not be two more opposing messages being broadcasted than the iPhone ads versus this one – even RIM and Amazon have moved away from the industrial, obscure technology focus and onto the feeling that using the device will imbue. Apple hands you an experience, tugs a heart string and uses words like “magic” and “wonder” and phrases like “bookstore in your pocket”. Samsung? Flashy explosions.

Hey google/Verizon/Samsung, the advertising world has passed you guys by, it’s time to put more effort into the message and less into the metal.

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