My front screen – the mobile apps I use everyday

I get asked a lot about the mobile applications that I use regularly so thought I’d put this down in a post. This will be fun to look back on in a few months to see how many are still in use but, for now, here are my first screen apps and why.

This Twitter application for iPhone is perfect. I’m a UI snob and I find myself using this simple little application (that packs an incredible number of features that aren’t in your face) on my iPhone over the iPad, the web and even the desktop versions of other Twitter software. This app made me love Twitter again.

This has become the way I share photos and I’m not sure why! Whatever the reason, I have set this app up so when I publish photos it goes (optionally) to Facebook, Twitter and my own Tumblr for archive purposes ( I highly recommend that last piece – great way to archive your photos and have them in one spot online.

Not sure that this app will survive when the new iOS is rolled out but for now I love it. I turn all notifications off (from Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and funnel them through Boxcar. It offers a simple, no frills universal inbox for all notifications. Simple but very worthy.

Week Cal
I was never a fan of the built in calendar app on the iPhone so I went looking for a replacement and found one that resembled the way Apple should have done it – Week Cal. Things that were omitted in the native version like swipe to change days, drag and move events and even hold to edit/delete convinced me to replace the original as my goto calendar app.

I haven’t found a better app for simply taking great photos. I’m a point and shoot guy and need an idiot proof way of taking lots of shots at a time and then choosing the ones (or one) I want to keep. There are other great features of this app but that’s the reason I use it – quick, bursting photos that trumps the default app.

MLB At Bat
I love baseball and this app is it for me. Every single baseball game streamed to my mobile wherever I am – what else does a baseball freak need? I buy this every year without fail.

Fit Builder
I hit the gym every day and this app has been my companion every one of those days for 18 months. This is an insane application for tracking your workout, learning new exercises or even finding new workouts to do based on your goals. It’s got timers, video demonstrations, log sharing and much more. There are cheaper apps out there but I’ve tried them all and this one wins for me.

I bought one of those iHome bedside clocks that is powered by the iPhone and this is the companion app for that clock. It extends the “normal” clock radio and tracks sleep patterns (avg number of hours slept for example), gives me access to radio stations off the dial, let’s me fall asleep to the Yankees playing ball, music or podcasts and allows me to set multiple alarms (for some reason). Buggy but I bought into it. Can’t wait for them to make a cranial adapter that will monitor my dreams…

Day One
This is a simple journaling application that allows me to quickly enter some information somewhere and process it when I have the chance. I’m not a fan of the default notes app that comes with the iPhone so this replaced it. It has cloud sync between the iPhone/iPad and desktop version – having a version on all platforms and keeping those up to date is killer.

Do It Tomorrow
I hate todo lists but I struggle with finding something that allows me to quickly write down an action for quick follow-up and this app seemed to fit that description. Cloud sync across iPhone/iPad but no desktop offering which will probably kill it for me. Still looking for that great to do app…

That’s it – these are my current front-screen, go to apps. What are some of yours?

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  • Joshua

    Wunderlist or Due are great todo apps. I use both..

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