How to make cash from Apps with Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian of Simon-Kucher & Partners

Can you make money in the app economy? I’m not talking about the corner cases like Angry Birds or Doodle Jump or any of the other applications we can all name. I’m talking about you and your app. The one that never peaked in the top 100. The one that you built over a couple of months and hasn’t quite done what you thought it would.

That’s what I sat down to discuss with Dr. Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian, a senior consultant with Simon-Kucher & Partners. They recently released a report detailing the results from their findings on this very topic and we dive into it here.

Can you make money from your app? Yup. Does it require thought and effort and strategy? Yup, yup, yup.


*** Our SKYPE connection flaked with about 9 minutes left so the video gets pretty blocky but the content is worth listening too ***

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About Dr. Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian
Maxie Schmidt-SubramanianDr. Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian is a Senior Consultant with Simon-Kucher & Partners in Boston, MA and focuses on customer management and revenue optimization for telecommunications, cable and other service companies.

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