And the best part of the iPad 2 is…

March 2nd is over and done with and Apple usurped GDC and Nintendo President Satoru Iwata’s keynote to announce the latest iPad and, once again, what they showed off is beautiful.

If you are interested in a complete rundown, Om Malik has a great overview of what went down today here. But what, among the new features am I most excited about? Read on.

Could it be the new, snappier processor? Nope
What about the sleek, slimming design? Nope
The fact I can get it in black or white? Nope
Front and back cameras? Nope
What about the nifty low-profile covering available in all the colours of the rainbow? Nope
OS 4.3? Nope

Then what could it be?

There is one little feature that will make the iPad 2 a productive tool to be used even more in business boardrooms and school classrooms – the $39 HDMI-out adaptor. This little gem allows you to output a mirror image of the iPad to a big screen at 1080p resolution. This little adaptor is the missing link to making the iPad a really productive piece of technology and one that should be standard for every company interested in using tablets in their business.

I have tried to use my v1.0 iPad as a presentation tool but found certain applications worked like a charm and others not so good. Having the ability to mirror the screen on a big screen makes the iPad 2 an indispensable tool for me.

It’s the simple things that often make the most impact.

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