Why you should be using QR codes to engage with your customers right now – with Patrick Donnelly, Founder of QRArts.com

If you’ve ever wondered how to leverage QR codes today or what the future holds for this simple but amazingly effective (free) tool, Patrick Donnelly of QRArts is a great person to listen to.

We spent a sunny Saturday afternoon talking about the adoption and uses (current and future) of QR codes and some great examples of how companies can start with them now to help bridge the real world/digital world through their smartphones.


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About Patrick Donnelly
Patrick Donnelly
Working as a design professional for 4 years, Patrick has learned a lot about balancing creative vision with human resource management and implementation. His current goals are to learn more about collaborative workflows that occur through network effects, and how they are scaled up to create larger projects with a shared vision. Patrick wants to continue to work on larger design projects that transcend print campaigns.

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