Why Grapple Mobile has invested $9M to make mobile application development faster with Alistair Crane, CEO and Founder

The thing about mobile application development is that it needs to be done quickly, affordably and for the right reasons in order for them to be of any value.

Grapple Mobile has a unique technology approach to the “getting the mobile application built quickly” part – a similar technology that companies like Appcelerator and AppMobi and PhoneGap have built but instead of turning it outside, they’ve kept it as a strategic tool to help make applications more affordable for their customers. Did I mention this technology was built in Toronto?

Alistair Crane, founder and CEO of Grapple, fills us in on what shifts he’s seeing in the mobile application development space, how Grapple fits in to the “adding value” layer and what his outlook is for the coming mobile revolution.


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About Alistair Crane
Alistair Crane
Alistair  Crane,  a  tenacious  and  charismatic  entrepreneur,  is  the  CEO  and  Founder  of  Grapple   Mobile.  Grapple  works  with  brands,  agencies  and  businesses  to  develop  cross  platform  mobile   applications  that  run  on  all  the  leading  smartphone  handsets  and  is  already  working  with  ten   of  the  top  European  agencies  as  well  as  directly  with  brands  and  businesses  from  all  the  major   consumer  sectors.

Before  Grapple,  Alistair  was  the  Head  of  Media  Solutions  at  NAVTEQ  which  was  later  acquired   by  Nokia  for  over  £5bn,  and  prior  to  that,  one  of  the  first  members  of  the  launch  team  for   Blyk,  an  advertiser  funded  mobile  network,  founded  by  the  Ex-­‐President  of  Nokia.  He  was   responsible  for  leading  the  agency  sales  effort  and  played  a  dominant  role  in  attracting  brands   such  as  Nike,  Unilever,  Bacardi,  Ford  and  Microsoft.

Alistair  began  his  career  in  advertising  by  working  for  Northern  &  Shell,  publishers  of  OK!   Magazine,  The  Daily  Express  and  The  Daily  Star.  He  has  been  privileged  to  work  with  some  of   the  largest  global  adver3sers  such  as  VISA,  Nokia,  LVMH, Coca-­‐Cola,  BP,  Ford,  McDonald’s  and   L’Oreal  and  also  worked  with  most  of  the  major  international  agency  groups.

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