Who needs a Super Bowl ad when you hire right and focus on usability. SoundHound and the ultimate playlist.

As Aaron Master says in this UNTETHER.tv session, we were investing in technology while our competitors were investing in Super Bowl ads — well, I paraphrased that but that Super Bowl ad did an incredible job of propelling their competitors into the household vernacular. How to combat that new non-fame? Listen in.

Meanwhile, in an office tucked away near the San Jose airport, a bunch of other smart people at SoundHound, including Master, were busy building an incredible music search and discovery application for the iPhone and iPad. It handles audio discovery, lyrics and relevant videos/samples of the music. But I think the killer application is the data they collect on what songs are being searched through their system.

Innovations such as the “Hottest” songs — those that are requested the most, are common. Where it gets interesting, for example, is the “Underplayed” list — those songs that are requested a ton but not played in radio rotation enough — awesome, real-time trending.

Aaron and his team are freakishly smart about this stuff but, guys, it still can’t identify my version of Springsteen’s Born To Run — it must be your software.


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About Aaron Master
Aaron Master

Aaron is responsible for all aspects of the user experience in SoundHound for iPhone and iPad, including the music identification experience, user interaction, and the Underplayed list. He has also served as a lead engineer for SoundHound’s sing search transcription engine, music recognition fingerprinting, and automated popularity collection. Aaron has a Bachelor’s degree in music performance from the Eastman School of Music, a Master’s in Speech Processing from the University of Cambridge, and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, where he also served as a researcher in Human-Computer Interaction and a research adviser to Nissan Motor Company.

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