VaynerMedia, The New Jersey Nets and Gowalla strike again and why EVERY brand, big or small, should be using location-based marketing — With Sam Taggart

The New Jersey Nets, Gowalla and VaynerMedia are at it again. This time right in the New York Knicks (and Foursquare‘s) backyard.

The Nets came to VaynerMedia as they were about to embark on a very aggressive marketing initiative, looking for some help to bridge the real and digital worlds. What did the VaynerMedia team do? It is well documented here on TechCrunch and, by now, around the web.

Sam Taggart, the project lead on this initiative with the Nets, details the back story, the impact, the expectations, the feedback and how smaller brands (aka, YOU) can leverage the emerging location based marketing that the big boys and girls are using today.

As always, this is a great conversation with an insightful guy working for the most dynamic brand extension company in North America.


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About Sam Taggart
Sam TaggartExcerpt from the site: Sam may be a graduate of the University of Southern California in sunny LA, but he is a native Philadelphian. At the age of five, Sam witnessed Joe Carter hit a three-run walk-off home run against closer Mitch Williams, propelling the Toronto Blue Jays into a World Series victory over his hometown Phillies. It was from that awful and agonizing moment forward, that sports took over little Sam’s life. Now, as a project manager at VaynerMedia, he is thrilled to be able to combine his passions for sports and social media on a daily basis, and he will never, ever forgive Joe Carter.

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